Post Construction Cleanup

Post construction cleaning means a lot of dust.
As a matter of fact there is dust everywhere!

At Standard Cleaning Services we understand that construction areas are dusty! We start at the top on overheard fans and high dusting and work our way down to the floors, all the while using microfiber cleaning towels, dustmops and triple filtration vacuum cleaners. Working in teams of at least two, we are supplied with professional supplies and equipment.

There is a system to cleaning up all that dust and we have the experience and know how to accomplish this! Just like a move-in or move-out clean we know where to start and have a detailed proccess to see you through to the payoff of your new (freshly polished) construction.

Let us help you enjoy your new construction, less the dust and dirt that is inevitable. We help homeowners and contractors with the final clean and polish that makes the home construction well worth it! We leave your new construction in move-in ready condition.

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