Carlsbad Cleaning Services

Standard Cleaning offers cleaning services for homes, offices, post construction, move-in and move-out as well as green cleaning safe for pets and newborns.

Move Out Cleaning

Move out cleanings are deep cleanings intended to get your place ready for the next tenants. We know what landlords and homeowners want to see in regards to cleanliness. We do cleaning with military inspection in mind!

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Deep Clean

To begin any regular service it's always prudent to begin with "catch up" cleaning, otherwise known as a deep clean. We get you all caught up with cleaning so that we can then go forward with the regular or maintenance cleaning.

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Regular maintenance cleaning

Regular maintenance cleaning is just that...we keep your home maintained with a shine and a smile!

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Unpacking and organizing

We are experienced and not afraid to begin a daunting task! We can help unpack and organize your home, big or small!

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Commercial, Small Office

We are committed to a happy work place! Our expert service includes cleaning and maintaining bathrooms and break rooms...desks are lightly cleaned, all trash emptied and bags replaced.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning means a lot of dust...As a matter of fact there is dust everywhere!
All that dust needs to go somewhere, we have a system for clearing away the dust and the experience and know how to get the job done efficiently!

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Green Cleaning

The environment is important to us. We make every effort to protect, rather than pollute, the environment while we clean. We have a wide variety of milder totally organic cleaners, if you are a mom who is pregnant or if you have sensitive littles or pets at home.

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Party Cleanup

We take the stress out of the chore of pre or post cleaning services for your next party! Be it a football Sunday, a get together with friends, a special holiday event, or the happiest day of your life.

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